13 Apr

Useful Apps that Make Your Life Easier in 2017

You take your phone with you anywhere you go, you have to admit that. If you are so glued to your social media newsfeeds that you can’t put your phone away for more than a couple of hours, why not install some truly useful apps to make it worth the effort of carrying it around? Here are the best apps you can download in 2017 that we guarantee will come in handy.

Google Now

Do you have an Android phone and you are sad about not having the advantages that Siri offers to iOS users? Well, this is your chance to get a virtual assistant for free. Maybe you want to learn the score to your favourite team’s football game. Google Now has the answer. Speaking of sports betting, don’t miss the latest Ladbrokes promotion for new players. Ask the app to search the website for you, if you don’t know it already.

Briefly, Google Now allows you to find quick answers to your questions. Do you need a clothes store or a good restaurant in your area? You can literally ask the app. If you ask stupid questions, the app has some interesting witty comments to make.

Sports Tracker

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. It allows you to keep track of your workouts, especially running and cycling sessions. Still, you can choose from many other activities such as mountain biking, skiing, and even hiking. Sports Tracker is perfect for those who stay active and want to register their progress.

The app records the number calories burned, the speed and pace, and it uses GPS maps to record distance and location. It’s integrated with Facebook so that you can use your account to sign up and share your progress. Still, there’s no pressure to share, you can keep your workout private.


Do you find it hard to organise your day and you often end up procrastinating? Your problem might revolve around not writing your tasks down to make them real. The minute you set aside a block of time for a task, it all suddenly becomes more tangible and it will consequently be harder for you to ignore.

The app offers a lot of flexibility and it allows you to share tasks with your other family members, friends and colleagues to be more efficient. It has a great speech to text feature for the times you are simply too lazy to type on your phone. Persons with big thumbs will also find this very useful.

Any.DO can be synced with other apps like Todo list, Remember the Milk, ColorNote, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange among others. It has a 4.5-star review in Google Play based on the opinions of 270k people, so it’s quite obvious the developers did a pretty good job. The app has a couple of cool widgets you can add to your home screen so that you have constant access to your tasks without going through your app drawer every single time you want to update a task.