13 Jun

Top 5 fitness apps for a healthy lifestyle

It’s no secret that working out is not a pleasant activity for many of us. However, we could make it more interesting with the help of a specialised app. Fitness apps are very popular among smartphone users. Android and iOS users enjoy a lot of advantages in terms of app diversity while people who own Windows phones don’t have as many options. Let’s see the top 5 fitness apps available out there at the moment.


This app is available across all 3 platforms and it has 2 versions: a free one and a paid one, the so-called Runtastic Pro. It uses GPS to track your workout and offers several tools to analyse and share your success.

There actually are several hardware products sold by the same company, designed to integrate with the mobile app and monitor your activities. The pro version has an auto pause feature as well as live tracking, a running leaderboard and Runtastic wearable connect. It costs a bit over $3.5.

Nike+ Training Club

While the above app is mainly meant for activities like running and cycling, this one offers fitness workouts that can be done at home or in a fully equipped gym. It’s available for free on Google Play and App Store. The workouts are designed by professional trainers and athletes but you can also customise the programs to fit your abilities. The app offers sharing capabilities and a quite neat interface. The filters aren’t amazing but it’s enough to browse through the available workouts in a targeted manner.

Couch to 5k

This app is free for Android and iOS and it’s meant to do exactly what it says: to turn you from a couch potato into a 5K runner. There is a free 8-week program to achieve this goal with only 3 practice sessions each week. The virtual trainer can speak in many different languages to offer international support even to non-English speaking people.


Sworkit has an integrated approach to sports by offering all types of workouts starting with the most popular ones (cardio, strength) and up to niche exercises like yoga and stretching. There is a paid and a free version with reduced capabilities. Unfortunately, there’s no Windows phone support, but iOS and Android users can enjoy the app freely.

The premium version doesn’t cost a fortune though: only $4.99 per month. Considering all the money you spend on junk food, it wouldn’t hurt to invest some it into a high-quality fitness app that might succeed in getting you off the couch.

Strava Running and Cycling
This one is meant for Android/iOS runners and cyclists who want to get serious about their training. Any self-respected athlete wants to keep track of his most recent runs and rides to have an overview of what could be improved or changed from one workout to another. You can choose between a free and a premium version. Strava records distance, elevation, speed and even heart rate and calories burned. The app takes all this data and turns it into easy to understand graphs.