20 Oct

Enjoyable Apps to Make Budgeting Easier in 2017

As Christmas rolls around, our wallets are feeling a little battered from summer holidays, cocktails in gardens and suncream, or just plain old casino games. (If you’re a casino fan, then Mermaid’s Diamond Slot may also have been draining your money too!) However, now is the time to be downloading a few budgeting apps so you can get back on track for the long, cold, winter months.

    1. Your Bank’s App! This is a very useful download so you can keep up to date with however much money you have while on the go. It’ll either be a nasty reminder to stop spending money, or you’ll be proud of yourself for sticking to that budget.
    1. PocketGuard – this budgeting app is very easy to sign up for and download. It’ll help you track your money. Another great benefit of this app is that it’s free! Take advantage of the way it neatly shows your ingoing and outgoings, all in one place, so it’s very easy for you to track with a simple glance. It can also impose spending limits for certain things so you realise when you’re going over budget.
    1. Credit Karma – this is another free app which is worth checking out. By using this app, you’ll be able to improve upon your credit score. It’ll offer you multiple recommendations for ways in which you can improve your credit score – this is invaluable for a lot of people and can be learnt from the palm of your hand.
    1. Digit is a well known name amongst Americans. This is an app which can help you save money – something which is certainly required before an expensive Christmas season. However, you’ll need to spend some cash to save some with this app as it costs around $3 to download. Of course, this awkward monthly fee installation is not a great choice for students as this could be a coffee, pint or even three useful items from a pound shop. However, many people stuck around, even with the added price tag, and believe that, if you can afford it, this is a great way to save money.
    1. Qapital – this option is for anyone who doesn’t want to pay the $3 for Digit. It is deemed to be similar and therefore worth choosing, however, you might find that it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Qapital – but it already offers you savings!
  1. Christmas Countdown – don’t forget that December 25th is always sooner than you’re expecting. Download this app so you don’t forget and can be filled with either excitement or dread every time you pick up  your phone.

Let us know what your favourite app for saving money is this season. Although there are many tips and tricks for you to choose from, in a smartphone age, this is certainly a fantastic choice which can aid your savings with very little effort. By the end of a couple of months of budgeting and saving, you’ll have money to spend on loved ones… or yourself.