13 Jun

Best companies to work for in UK in 2017

With all the uncertainty that can be felt in London’s air, the big companies of this country aren’t very concerned, at least not yet. They keep hiring and focus on giving employees a wide range of benefits and privileges. Let’s see where people in the UK would love to work this year and why. Even though some of these companies are multinational, our attention is focused on their British branch.


According to the LinkedIn’s top of companies where the UK wants to work in 2017, the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is the most sought workplaces. What’s special about JLP is that it’s owned by employees, meaning that if you work there, you are a co-owner of the business.

There currently are 86,700 partners in this retail chain. They can take advantage of JLP’s holiday centres around the country, which includes exclusive suites and sailing clubs. Partners receive an annual share of the profits and have a say in the running of the business. JLP is proof that putting the employees at the core of a company is the right way to success.


If you live in the UK and like online shopping, it’s impossible to not have purchased at least a couple of shirts and dresses from this huge internet retail company. ASOS.com was set up in London 17 years ago and it focuses on clothes, footwear, cosmetics and accessories for both men and women. There currently are 2,700 employees at ASOS. The acronym stands for AsSeenOnScreen, the former name of the company.


This is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK and employs more than 160,000 people. They have a significant online division and plans to hire 480 people for positions like data scientists and mobile developers. One in six employees has been with the company for at least 15 years, which speaks of the treatment employees get at Sainsbury’s.


This multinational giant has the infrastructure in the UK and features a 96% satisfaction rate among its 17,000 employees. They look for people to fill positions in software engineering, data analysis, marketing and infrastructure. You’d think that more people are needed for the maintenance of 1.9 billion monthly active users but it seems that 17,000 are enough. The company ia currently tackling the problems of fake news and online extremism after many people raised concerns about these issues in the online environment.


This is another huge global company with offices in the UK. They are famous for their unconventional offices and generous employee benefits, which is why people who work in the IT industry would love a position at Google. The London headquarters are currently being redeveloped, which means that more job vacancies will be available soon, so keep an eye on online job marketplaces and press releases.

What do all these 5 companies have in common apart from million dollar profits? They treat employees well because they understood human capital is the essential force that drives successful businesses, not only in the UK but all around the world.