Local Wealth used to be all about putting people in touch with community-based initiatives that require private funding. Still, times are changing and we shifted our focus to keep up with the concerns that people have right now. We want to provide current technological solutions that make your everyday life easier, more enjoyable and profitable.

This is a direction we will stick to without posting redundant content. Our goal will be achieved by tackling a wide range of aspects that the modern human being is dealing with: how apps help you to save money, how to stay current with the stock exchange market, how to make money from home and much more. It was time for us to face that reality changed and we had to adapt to what our readers want.

What will you find here?

First of all, we love apps. Apps allow you to keep track of things easier and to monitor various parts of your life such as your money spending habits, physical activity levels, and even physiological parameters like blood glucose, heart rate and blood pressure. We want to help you put your life in order so that you’ll have time to focus on what really matters.

Like it or not, work is a great part of anyone’s life. Chances are you spend at least 8 hours a day at work, so why not make it count? We want to provide guidance in choosing a workplace, performing well at an interview and taking matters into your own hands by becoming self-employed.

You will find here several articles about how to start a small business and what freelancing options are out there. The internet made it possible for you to stop punching a clock and make money from activities that are less stressful and more enjoyable, so we take it upon us to inform you about such opportunities.

It is our mission to make people get more from life with less effort. Apps and self-employment help you achieve that. You will learn how to manage time more effectively and how to improve your finances. Working should not be about surviving. Your salary is supposed to ensure a decent life and the chance to do things for your own pleasure. An income that barely covers the necessities is inadequate and you will learn on this website how to surpass this.

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